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Our inflatable canvases can be set up quickly and easily on almost any surface. Due to its light weight, it does not damage the surface, can be set up even on sand or on water. Our projection surfaces are real film canvas, that is made in Italy, and the inflatable frame is made in Germany. They are available in huge sizes, for a special cinema experience, for which we also provide first-class technology (Dolby Digital Cinema). Aesthetic, elegant appearance, very fast installation.

The entire mobile cinema installation can be completed in up to 1.5 hours with a 6m screen. It has a particularly strong, inflated PVC frame, which is kept at a constant pressure by a low-noise air blower. Fixed inflated versions are also available, which can also be used indoors.

Our pre-inflated canvases can be rented in different aspect ratios and sizes. Our smallest screen is 3 meters wide, while the largest screen is available with a 16 meter wide projection sufrace. This canvas is unique in Eastern Europe. Thanks to the locking mechanisms and the strong material, it can withstand up to 38 km/h gusts of wind, so it can be used in an outdoor cinema, a garden cinema or even in a classic drive-in cinema.

We adapt the installation to your needs, be it the size, projector, multi-point Dolby Sound System, or FM transmitter for audio in the drive-in cinema.

We provide tailored package offers for small and large events as well.

We honor the films by projecting them on a real screen!

It is unfortunate that this has to be mentioned, but since cheap inflatable screens have emerged from China, which do not have any of the characteristics of a quality projection screen, have appeared on the global market, we must differentiate our products from their cheap replicas. On our airscreens, the image is fully stretched, not hanging or wrinkled, as it is in the Chinese ones, since the material of those is a simple PVC tarpaulin.

The projection height of our Air Screens starts at 1.7m, 2m, and 3m, not 60cm, like the Chinese ones. This way, spectators and cars do not block the view from each other.

No shadows when someone stands up from the audience. There is a complete light-blocking layer on the back of our canvases, so that the light coming from the back does not interfere with watching a movie. For models from China, a car headlight or street light is enough; flashlight, which makes the screening unenjoyable.

But for this quality, we also get demanding technology.

Our company, Menthol Multimedia KFT, is not a seasonal service provider. Basically, we deal with the eintre technical management of events. Our technical equipment park is almost unlimited, and we don't want to get rich in one summer, so you won't get an overpriced service from us.

Movies, their royalties and the choice:

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With the exception of premiere films, almost any film can be played. It may happen that some films are subject to a moratorium (cannot be screened) because, e.g. a new episode comes out and is therefore withheld.

The price of this depends on the number of viewers, but for the ballpark, we can calculate HUF 25- 45,000 + VAT per film. Film royalties do not belong to Artisjus, as the organization deals with musical works. Motion pictures can be handled by Hungarian agencies commissioned by major film studios. The authorization of films is a case-by-case request, which is for a specific day and film. A rain-day can be determined tho, so if the screening is canceled due to weather, we'll let the distributor know and we'll reschedule.

What movie should you choose? It is worth reading the reviews of the selected film, because if the choice is not successful, there will be no viewers. You can't go wrong with a good family comedy, musical films or the classics.

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